I am a died in the wool eclectic learner who has been fortunate to spend my life doing what I love most — giving people the tools to help themselves.

I grew up in Southern California, went into the ministry, married a beautiful Swiss girl, and have traveled the world quite a bit since then.

One thing I learned from Christian ministry is to never take for granted someone’s trust or their attention.

You might respect your boss because he holds power over you, but in ministry, the only influence you have is earned by actually giving away something valuable that helps someone else.

I think that this mindset of giving ports well to other endeavors such as marketing and customer service.

Sure. There are a lot of people out to just make a buck. However, my goal is to create lasting relationships and help people drive their vision forward.


I love to read. Everything.

I like philosophical treatises as well as blog posts about the latest software engineering trends.

I speak Spanish and German, but not nearly as much as I used to when I lived in Mexico and Switzerland.

I play guitar and piano. I like photography, travel, and oh yeah, I’m a foodie.